18 August 2008

What's it all about, then?

Last year, through a sequence of events both too unlikely and dull to recount here, I found myself drawing three one-page comic strips for Classical Music magazine's supplements detailing competitions, summer schools and festivals for 2008. It happened by accident, but all three ended up featuring the antics of the same character, a down on his luck musician whose chief characteristics were a dogged faith in his own abilities, a raging bitterness against the world, and in particular the wold of classical music, and an overwhelming and all consuming stupidity.

Having drawn these three strips, it seemed logical and entirely a splendid idea that this idiotic Everyman should continue his adventures in some kind of regular strip, possibly just some modest 3-panel affair tucked away in the back of a magazine where no-one would object to it, or even notice it. However, I'm still waiting for the publishers to call me back and agree what a brilliant idea this is and offer me a ton of money to do it. So their loss is the inter-web's gain, and this is intended to be a reasonably regular web comic (at least once a week, if I can maintain the enthusiasm), at least until that lucrative contract comes my way and I remove it all from here and flog it back to you in some exorbitant novelty book. Enjoy!

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