14 December 2011

Not doing better

Unpublished.  Rejected, perhaps not entirely surprisingly.
(Gove accuses anyone who objects to his agenda of whingeing.)

1 December 2011


Music Teacher November 2011

(Gove's proposed English Baccalaureate excludes music, and all arts subjects, from its required subjects.)

1 November 2011

Drop and give me E flat

Music Teacher, October 2011

(Michael Gove suggests that ex-servicemen could be drafted as teachers.)

1 October 2011


Music Teacher September 2011

1 September 2011

Work Experience

Music Teacher August 2011

(Gove suggests employing graduates without teaching qualifications as teachers.)

1 August 2011

Fully compliant

Music Teacher July 2011

(Controversy rages about guidelines for music teachers that discourage physical contact with the pupil.)

1 July 2011

1 June 2011

In one ear

Music Teacher, May 2011

(I feel slightly bad about this one.  I've tried to avoid making jokes about Beethoven's deafness, but it's quite hard to avoid.)

1 May 2011


Music Teacher April 2011

(Michael Gove's cuts begin in earnest)

2 April 2011

1 March 2011

Beethoven's piano

Music Teacher, February 2011

(The piano on which Beethoven wrote his "Appassionata" Sonata has an extended lower range, of which he took full adavantage to write lower notes than anyone had previously written for a keyboard.)

13 February 2011

Li'l Beethoven

(Originally published in Music Teacher, January 2011)